Where Many Paths and Errands Meet

by Houses and Homes

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Thanks to all our friends who let us borrow their equipment and helped make this what it is.

Engineered, Mixed, and Mastered by Alan Sifuentes in a spare bedroom
Yes! Fountain Recordings


released December 11, 2013

Houses and Homes is a collective of friends led by Josh Green and Josh Zorn



all rights reserved


Houses and Homes Georgia

Folk project from Valdosta, Ga

Music video for "South Carolina"

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Track Name: Sister
I've called you brother
Though I've been less than one
I've called you sister
Though I can't remember your age
I've seen the ocean
Swelling huge and lying flat
I've seen the forest
Of my childhood painted black

The stars shine over the river tonight
Glowing like candles they're flowing down
I lie on this bed made of fine heather
With drops of dew gathering closer to

Take me home
Track Name: Love Song for October
Track Name: Ghosts
And You will sing your songs
And I will listen closely to your voice ringing

And I will call the ghosts
The ghosts of my past to claim your heart

And I will fall away from you and you'll stay back
Falling down the chasms they're all painted black
And we will see the sun rising

The hills are full of life
Crawling 'round flying soft
The dust falls onto us
Still as bones we are waiting
Track Name: South Carolina
I woke up in the Atlantic seven miles from shore
Too far to call for help and too near to wish for more
Oh brother what was this ambush
Oh sister what could it be
I pray for your forgiveness and I've only guilt to plea

Oh South Carolina I'll never join you
Your borders are banned to me
I'll let the islands protect you
As a barrier from we

I often think of crossing over the foothills
But choices aren't one sided and that thought leaves me still
Oh brother what was this ambush
Oh sister what could it be
I pray for your forgiveness and I've only guilt to plea

While I breathe I hope towards you
Palmetto State
An unrequited feeling
While I patiently wait
Track Name: Tanglewood
I see you've been given antlers
To wear with your new shoes
But you don't feel the burden
You don't taste the ruse
You don't taste the ruse

Don't worry with the projections
They'll fall off in time
Just flee back to your dwelling
Amongst the dusty pines
Amongst the dusty pines

I'll take you to the water
Where your reflection is shown
You'll see the ripple in the river
The flower that has grown
The flower that has grown
Track Name: Orchids Interlude
Track Name: Ghosts Pt. 2
I once knew
A girl whose hair was made from bronze
She told me
That I'd find myself in time

And I'll see you again
I'll follow in your wake until I bridge the gap
And I saw you again
You leapt into the sea you didn't take my hand

And did you see my face
As you dove
Into your watery grave
Swallowed whole
The moon has left me here

I'm sorry that I didn't see you come
Don't you worry about the end my dear
You will find it in